My Fee

I charge $50 flat fee for the registration which includes the following services:

  • Registration into the database of hundreds of carefully screened and personally interviewed candidates.
  • I will have a 1 on 1 phone interview with you to pre-screen you and gather and evaluate your individual preferential needs and qualities in your partner.
  • I will run your profile through unlimited number of potential matches in my private network and start the process by sharing the matches with you and vice versa personally communicating with them for your individual case and then finally introducing you to the candidate.

I will charge $250 additional fee only if your match is successful with a candidate which results in a marriage.

Why do I charge fee?

The $50 I charge would cover the following expenses:

  • Assistant helper I would require to assist me with all the administrative tasks and functions associated with the matchmaking process.
  • Expenses for the long distance phone calls I would make multiple times with the candidates.
  • Incentive for my time and effort spent to accomplish the best results.

The reason I would charge $250 additional If the match results in marriage is only so that I can further progress this noble service on the international level.

The reason why I am so successful at establishing successful matches that end in happy marriages is that I take full pride in my work with the purest intentions of forming best matches and joining the two hearts together in the holy matrimony and that’s the reason that up until now, I had been offering my matchmaking service for free. Now that my number of candidates has significantly increased, it naturally requires additional work and time commitment on my part. Therefore I charge fairly to make up for the time and expenses incurred and I offer the service with the best efforts and commitment I am capable of.

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Islamic Quotes on Marriage

Marriage is a highly recommended deed. Allah says, "Marry the spouseless among you...if they are poor, God will enrich them of His bounty."(Qur'an 24:32)

The Holy Prophet (SAW) once said, "Whoever marries, protects half of his religion, then for the remaining half he must only fear God."

The Prophet said, "Two rak 'ats (cycles) prayed by a married person is better than the night-vigil and the fast of a single person."

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